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The 2017 karting season is starting with new exciting perspectives for Leonardo Marseglia. The promise of the Italian karting has joined this year the Chiesa Corse, a team that will bring the 14 y.o. driver from Ostuni, Brindisi, to compete in the major international events. Who wanted Marseglia in his ranks is Dino Chiesa, longtime team manager in talent scouting.

“I was watching Marseglia for a long time,” explains Chiesa. “And my new team layout for the 2017 season, I had a very simple design: our classic Zanardi chassis, equipped by the Parilla engines, with Leonardo driving in the OK Junior category to compete in the WSK Promotion events and in the Winter Cup in Lonato, to open the season. Right after, the German DKM, then the European CIK-FIA Championship and finally the World Championship. Leonardo is a guy who can run this recipe.”

The first race appointment is already on the way for Leonardo Marseglia: the young driver will race on next weekend in the WSK Champions Cup, that will be hold in the great structure of the Adria Karting Raceway from 26 to 29 January. It will be an ideal beginning, since this race is a single event. But the following week, the WSK Super Master Series is coming, again in Adria with its first out of four rounds. With the steering wheel in his hand, Leonardo is ready.

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