Marseglia ends the ACI weekend at Sarno before the World Cup on the podium

Leonardo Marseglia scores yet another podium finish of the season in the Italian Championship at Sarno, the last round before this week’s KZ2 World Cup.

From Sarno to Le Mans, from the Italian Championship to the World Cup, the last part of the season is coming to a head for the Birel Art driver. Two weekends in a row are crucial for a competitive and challenging 2022. At the Naples International Circuit, Marseglia continued his ride which sees him still on the virtual podium of KZ2 with one round still to go.

It was a special weekend in Campania with the presence of rain and, as usual, a high level of competitiveness. The top five at the end of Friday’s qualifying had given the Apulian driver the chance to play the two heats scheduled from the top of the classification. A recovering fourth place in the first direct clash had confirmed Marseglia’s objectives, only to have to reckon with a forced retirement in the second heat and the consequent departure from P12 for the first race on Sunday.

Problems largely solved in Race 1 and a solid comeback by Marseglia, from twelfth to fourth place under the chequered flag. This position was then cancelled and upgraded with a 5sec penalty inflicted by the race direction, which in fact forced Marseglia down to tenth place. Even in the second and final race of the weekend, Leonardo showed great competitiveness and feeling, managing to climb another eight positions to finish in second place and again on the podium.

Filed the appointment of Sarno, as said, it is time for the KZ2 World Cup for the Birel Art driver already on his way to the French kart track of Le Mans, where the official sessions will start on Friday with qualifying and first heats, to then get into the thick of things on Sunday 4 September with the rainbow final scheduled for the afternoon.

Leonardo Marseglia would like to thank Antonio Mancino KCS, Viti Racing, Birel Art and all its sponsors.

Photo: Wafeproject

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