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One prize, new motivation

I am honored to have been chosen as Talent of the Year, the award which ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani wanted to present me at Selva di Fasano. It was an even more encouraging moment, which happened in a particularly active stage of this season. After the victory at Muro Leccese, we will be again Sarno for the closing round of the WSK Super Master Series of next Sunday. Success in the final rankings is not an easy result but I can grab it.

It was nice to meet here Antonio Giovinazzi, in the season when he reopened to Italian drivers the path to the F.1 Antonio has shown that working hard to achieving one’s ambitions can lead to goals that are not so unreachable as they seem. Meet him and listen to the advices that he does not get tired of giving me, means to me to get further “fuel” to keep pushing. And so I will do next weekend, hunting for the WSK victory.

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